The Law Research Center Antoine Favre is the research center of University Savoie Mont Blanc Law School which is located in Chambéry and Annecy. Created in 2019, it succeeds the Tort, Contract and Consumer Law Research Center (CDPPOC).

Its main activities may be classified into three major transversal legal fields :

  • Contracts, consumption and torts
  • Critical studies
  • Public policies, territory, mountain, energy studies

For some years, the Research center membership and activities have greatly increased. It currently has nearly fifty members, including about twenty PhD students.

The Research Center is involved in national and European research programs and networks. It now aims at developing its international cooperation. It is willing to welcome visiting professors or foreign researchers/scholars specialized in the center’s fields of competence.

The Research Center also supports theFenêtre sur Cour review and the “Jurisprudence – Revue Critique (JRC)“. This journal has both a national and international readership. RJC aims at promoting legal knowledge with a critical approach.

Moreover, the Research Center shows high interest in publishing the results of the main researches it leads. This is usually enhanced through symposiums/conferences or through funded project-based research in law linked with other sciences (basic and applied research: INTERREG-European Union Research Program, ANR French National Research Agency etc.).

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