The Law School of Savoie Mont Blanc University has an ambitious project of academic excellence.  It enjoys great local support especially from the local public authorities and the legal profession in both Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

The law school provides its 1,330 students with a broad range of courses with an international outlook which relies on its dynamic center for studies and research in law.

The combination of Law courses and Economic and Social Administration courses from 2016 on will allow the first-year students to specialize gradually. Traditional teachings, both in the form of formal lectures and practical tutorials, are gradually enriched by an increasing use of information technologies to support learning and by evolving teaching methods. The range of Master programs was diversified in the past few years allowing students to study at the law school until their PhD. The manageable class sizes together with a preference for small-group learning environment allow students to enjoy a real educational support from their first year of studies on.

The law school administrative organization ensures that students have responsive contacts—referring lecturer/professor, administrative staff, management team, etc.—to assist them in carrying out administrative procedures and in developing their educational and career plans.

The law school promotes professionalization through a combination of work and training / apprenticeship—Master II in Corporal Damage Law, Master II in Business Law—an apprenticeship training—currently being developed for the Master II in Local Government—and also preparatory trainings for vocational degrees—namely Vocational Degree for notarial professions. The law school concurrently develops vocational training for degrees which are rarely offered in France—Master II in Corporal Damage Law, Land surveyor and Government architect trainings. Vocational internships are encouraged and promoted.

Moreover, since the members of the legal profession work more and more with the English language, the law school has committed to an innovative education approach, offering law lectures taught in English alongside practical tutorials taught by language/English teachers. The importance of learning a third language is not underestimated and remains possible.  The students who wish to do so may take part in an exchange program during their third year of study (or, exceptionally during their fourth year of study) and study abroad in one of the partner universities. We are also proud to welcome every year many foreign students taking part in different international programs. The creation of two double degrees in business law with De Montfort University in Leicester, UK and with Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania confirms our law school’s international position on an international level.

The Law School of Savoie Mont Blanc University benefits from its research center’s reputation (CDDPOC) and takes part in and organizes a large number of scientific events on both a national and an international level, mainly focusing on themes relating to contract law, tort law and consumer law. The law school also mobilizes local professional networks on such themes as solar energy or the law relating to mountain areas. Every year since 2010 Université Savoie Mont Blanc has published an issue of the Jurisprudence – Revue Critique journal, together with the CDPPOC research center’s support.

The law school is well established in the territory of Savoy and strikes a balance between both its roles in training and research. It intends to fulfill its social role, creating the best conditions for students from all backgrounds in order to succeed academically and to access the professions they wish to enter.

Jean-François Dreuille

The management team

Jean-François Dreuille

Maître de conférences in private law, Dean, has taught at Savoie Mont Blanc University since 2003. A member of the CDPPOC research centre, he specializes in criminal law (general criminal law, criminal procedure).

Grégoire Calley

Maître de conférences in public law, Vice Dean in charge of general matters.  He has taught at Savoie Mont Blanc University since 2006. A member of the CDPPOC research centre, he specializes in civil service law and in economic public law.

Alexandre Guigue

Maître de conférences in public law, has taught at Savoie Mont Blanc University since 2006, Vice Dean in charge of international relations. A member of the CDPPOC research centre, he specializes in public finance law and constitutional law with a comparative and critical approach.

Monique Calvi

Maître de conférences in management, has taught at Savoie Mont Blanc University since 1999, director of the Economic and Social Administration department. A member of the research centre of management sciences (CERAG, Grenoble) in the line of finance, financial control and accounting.

Christophe Quézel-Ambrunaz

Maître de conférences HDR in public law, director of the Law department, was trained and teaches at Savoie Mont Blanc University. A member of the CDPPOC research centre, he specializes in contract law and tort law and more specifically in civil liability law.

Dominique Corbet

Administrative head of the Law School since 2012.