There are three possibilities to study at the Law Faculty as part of an exchange program

  • the autumn term (September to December)
  • the winter term (January to April)
  • the whole year (September to April)

The autumn term starts at the very beginning of September.  In case you don’t pass all your exams successfully, please note that you may be required to stay an extra month (January) for resit exams. The winter term starts at the very beginning of January.  In case you don’t pass all your exams successfully, please note that you will be required to stay an extra month (May) for resit exams.

Enrolment is entirely managed by the university’s central services : International Relations Office [please click]

The International Relations Office manages a limited number of rooms in student residences [please click]

Exchange students may choose to follow all the courses taught during all three years of the “Licence” program and also all the courses taught in the first year of the master programs.

All courses available at the Law Faculty :

It is not required from exchange students to follow the tutorials associated with the courses they chose.

A postgraduate student teaches methodology to exchange students once week and helps them with the difficulties they might encounter.

Each exchange student on exchange is associated with a French student throughout the duration of the exchange (“buddy” system).

Different study programmes are offered to the foreign students [please click]

French Law Diploma

All exchange students are automatically enrolled in the French Law program.  This Diploma in French Law is recognized officially by Savoie Mont Blanc University only.

The program is open to students who have passed the equivalent of the French “baccalauréat” and are currently enrolled at a partner university of Savoie Mont Blanc University to graduate in law.

For each term, the Law Faculty issues a certificate stating the name of the courses which the exchange student attended, the number of hours for each course and the marks.

The diploma is granted if the marks exceed 10/20, on average.

After successfully passing the diploma, it is possible to enrol in a law program at the Law Faculty to become a French law graduate. Enrolment is submitted to the application examination by the Faculty’s committee on pedagogy. The committee decides which year of the “Licence” (one, two or three) or the master programs (one or two) the candidate may access.

“Legal, Economic And Social Studies” Diploma

  • Basic knowledge in law, political sciences or history
  • B1 level in English at least, B2 recommended

Students can decide to take a major in law or a major in social studiesThe program covers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mostly in law, economics and British and American social studies or British and Irish HistoryA number of courses in French are also provided Time sched

Students are expected to spend an average of 20 hours per week in the classroomFrom early September to late December

International students on the program will attend classes along with law students and language students. Courses are taught by lecturers and professors from the Law Faculty and from the Faculty of Humanities. Tailored for international students, this program offers a unique academic experience in the French Alps.

Program [please click]

More information : Savoie Mont Blanc University has put together general information to welcome exchange students.